TBL Fellowship



Turning Basin Labs (TBL) accelerates corporate R&D initiatives by providing hands-on mentorship and training to high-potential leaders through an intensive innovation fellowship.

TBL Fellows are corporate intrapreneurs who aim to maximize business, social, and worker enterprise value through Inclusive Innovation.

TBL Fellows are passionate about “open-sourcing” innovation by including its most important stakeholders: the company, its employees, and the community it serves.

By entering into the TBL Fellowship, attendees are committing to:

  • Harnessing “Inclusive Innovation” to create, explore, develop and champion new ideas

  • Open sourcing the process of identifying innovative projects and their solutions

  • Listening and incorporating all stakeholder viewpoints to optimize value

Turning Basin Labs seek nominees who:

  • Work for large, for-profit companies in the maritime, logistics, advanced manufacturing, heavy industrial and human capital industries.

  • Have a demonstrated passion for being a change agent. an innovator takes a holistic view on achieving business growth.

  • Are open, honest and passionate about leveraging diversity to enhance innovation.

* Sponsorships may be tax deductible for certain corporations and purposes. Please contact us to discuss how.