What is Inclusive Innovation?



Innovation only works when it's inclusive.

Unfortunately today, corporate innovation is accelerating global inequalities in income and opportunity, ultimately undermining the very communities and customers corporations need to survive.

No surprise then that these same communities and customers are holding corporations to account for their actions, oftentimes boycotting irresponsible brands or engaging in expensive shareholder lawsuits in order to ensure corporations act responsibly.

Employees and shareholders are also desperate for inspiration and innovation. Employee disengagement and disenfranchisement is at an all-time high. Profits have never been higher, and morale has never been lower – workers don't believe they have an opportunity or voice in their employers future.

Employees globally want to be inspired, organized, and supported as they do the hard, important, transformative work required for corporations to grow profits – and for society to solve todays most pressing problems.

"Inclusive innovation" recognizes that innovation only truly works when it includes everyone: employees, shareholders, community stakeholders, and government.

Turning Basin Labs is dedicated to enabling inclusive innovation in maritime communities globally in order to realize a more equitable, sustainable future for workers worldwide.