Founder Stephen Bediako On Why Diversity Matters to Business

Now more than ever Diversity is critical to the way we do business. In the modern day the way we work is diverse ranging from meetings, to writing, to video/ chat communication, to building products and services for bespoke groups. Some companies get ahead of it and hard wire it into their work (ie Checkr) while others rely on an event to kick them into gear (ie Starbucks). The teams who are most diverse have a proliferation of views and insights to build the best businesses and services. Increasingly the clients and customers of tomorrow are diverse - with a range of people usually buying a service or product to satisfy a range of needs and interests.

At Turning Basin Labs we are building a cooperative staffing agency to work with the best employers who want to build diverse and inclusive teams.

Were looking for help to build three things, because we don’t have the answers today, and we need to find them:

  • We want to build an understanding of both the moral and business value of diversity.

  • We want to understand and develop a clear offer for workers through our cooperative model.

  • We want to secure clients and organisations to help them build diverse teams.

We hope you will join us on the journey.

Stephen Bediako