Why We Run a Transparent Staffing Agency

In the world of staffing, sharing your client’s name is considered foolhardy.

Most recruiters would say “why the hell would you tell your competitors (other agencies) who’s hiring, so that they can solicit their business?!”

Such disbelief underscores two misconceptions:

1) Employers have no loyalty to staffing agencies, and

2) Candidates have no loyalty or reason to work with a staffing agency once they know who’s hiring, and will instead “go around” the agency and apply directly to the employer.

Our experience at Turning Basin Labs (TBL) points to the contrary.

To the first misconception, employers are loyal to staffing agencies who perform. In the world of staffing, most agencies are “guilty until proven innocent” – they are considered a liability until they place a high quality candidate. But once a good placement is made, the relationship changes dramatically – employers commit to agencies that deliver.

To the second misconception, our experience is that candidates are looking for an “in” to a company, ideally through a trusted source. At TBL, we know our clients intimately, often having worked with them for years as advisors and consultants. Which means we intimately know the people, the culture, and their goals – and they know us. So when we recommend a candidate, they take it seriously.

For candidates, this means you can avoid the “blackhole” of online job applications, and instead get a direct, personal recommendation from a TBL recruiter who can tell you the whole story about the company.

So, don’t be surprised when you see our clients names in our job postings – it’s an effort at transparency that we believe leads to higher quality candidates, less BS, faster placements, stronger client relationships, and more extraordinary outcomes.

Check out our client’s open positions today, and learn why TBL is a different type of staffing agency.