"But the era of life-long jobs will soon be over. Society needs a new social contract.”

Adecco’s CEO, Alaine Dehaze, is the canary in the coal mine warning us about the need to restructure our job training systems.

To be clear, Adecco lose money training workers – it’s an expense, and an unwelcome reality for most staffing firms who would rather see people working billable hours.

That said, the reason Adecco and other global staffing leaders have zeroed-in on the importance of job training is that they have a front-row seat to the hard realities of the modern workforce: high turnover, low retention, stagnant wages, and increasing worker frustration.

This has less to do with automation, and more to do with an education and employment training system that is decades out of date.

(Re)training is too slow, costly, and uncertain for most workers – it’s simply not worth the risk.

Which is why at Turning Basin Labs, we’ve designed our cooperative staffing agency to provide financial support for life-long worker upskilling, eliminating much of the risk to get upskilled.

The math is simple: we set aside $1.04 - $1.32 from every hour billed, and ensure that money is available for future training. The average TBL worker has ~$840/year available for training.

Alaine is right – we desperately need a new social contract for workers.

We believe Turning Basin Labs is that new social contract.

Join TBL, and experience the future of work today.

Nick Ellis