"Stay close to the money"

One of the most successful bond traders I know once told me, “Stay close to the money.”

When Sue spoke those words, she was giving me insight into how influence and power were determined in the investment bank we once worked at together. Today, those words could not ring more true: money is power. Money determines influence.

As a staffing and recruitment business, our primary goal is to put you to work in either a temporary or permanent job (see all our open jobs here) so that any worker can earn more money, power, and influence. We do this through a cooperative business ownership model, whereby every worker that we place in a job becomes a “member owner” in Turning Basin Labs Cooperative, Inc. Every member owner has a vote in how we run TBL. Every member owner participates in profit-sharing (formally called “patronage”) if we turn a profit at the end of the year (our fiscal year ends December 31).

To give you some sense of how much money TBL can return to member owners, if you were to work 1,000 hours through TBL in 2018, you’ll receive a $3,500 patronage payout. If you work through TBL full-time – 2080 hours/year – you’ll earn over $10,000, plus benefits like healthcare, disability insurance, dental & vision insurance, and access to mentorship. As a worker-owned cooperative, we’ve designed TBL to allow every worker to stay close to the money.

If you’re interested in high-road jobs that allow you to “stay close to the money”, then join us at TBL today.

Nick Ellis