About Us

Our service offering

TBL is a cooperative staffing agency that creates value for progressive Bay Area businesses by sourcing, placing, and supporting the best, most diverse talent. We are a home for our temporary workers seeking stability, and an ally to workers seeking dignified, high-road, $18+/hour work. Underpinning our cooperative is an unwavering focus on and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for our workers and with the employers we support.

What value do we offer workers?

At Turning Basin Labs, our workers are our owners. As a cooperative staffing agency we are with workers throughout their whole professional and personal journey. As our workers accrue hours worked, they graduate into three categories of membership that determine their level of benefit and ownership in our cooperative:

  • Apprentice

  • Journeyperson

  • Master

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What value do we offer employers?

As a staffing agency we work with progressive Bay Area employers to source, onboard, and grow their workforce. We bring hard-earned lived and professional experience to help you make your workforce more inclusive through:

  • Thought leadership, content, events, and guidance to become more inclusive

  • Sourcing the best DEI candidates for entry- to senior-level roles

  • Providing support and benefits to workers throughout their placements to ensure they thrive and grow while creating value for their employers

What is a cooperative?

A cooperative is simply a form of shared business ownership amongst a group of people. It means our business owners are our workers, and vice-versa. It means rather than focus on maximizing profits at the expense of people, we focus on investing in our workers, knowing that will ultimately maximize our profits.

What benefits do we offer our staff?

We are able to offer our staff benefits because we simply have commitment to reinvest more of our profits than traditional agencies. We don’t charge employers more, we don’t pay workers less than the living wage - we charged competitive (market) rates and deliver a first class service. Our commitment to reinvest means we can offer the following:

  • Employer of Record

  • Staff Benefits

  • Cooperative ownership

What does it mean to be an ‘Employer of Record’?

An “Employer of Record” means TBL (unless otherwise agreed) remains the Employer on Record for the worker throughout their job placement. We run workers' payroll, administer their benefits, and ensure they are part of the TBL family.

Who’s on the team?

Our core team is small but growing:

Who have we worked with?

We have and continue to work with some fantastic clients – DEI-ready and willing to walk the walk on building a fair and effective workforce.

  • Checkr

  • Wonolo

  • The San Francisco Foundation

  • Bay Ship & Yacht Co.

  • Unagi